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Welcome to Bitcoin-Games.net!

Bitcoin Games offers 100 free spins as a welcome bonus, which are credited immediately after registration.

For users who are already registered on Bitcoin Games, there are now and then voucher codes that can contain credits but also other free spins.

A long game of fun is guaranteed even with a low stake!

A special feature is that you can play from 0.00000001 BTC, and the maximum bet on the games is 0.00001 BTC.

Right at the start there is a 2 billion credits rally that is worth 0.02 BTC!

A 7-day rally was also started!

In addition, a ref rally was started with 2 BILLION credits!

And there are EXTRA free spins and active vouchers!

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that there are no more free spins on the slot when you wager, otherwise the free spins will not be booked!

For every 250,000 active points that you earn on the slots, there is one share!

The shares can be sold to other users, exchanged for free spins in the share shop, or returned to the website for a bonus!

With us, the top 500 users receive a pension bonus. A pot is filled with 0.5% of sales, which is divided up daily around midnight as a bonus credit based on the generated Aps.

The collected Aps are not reset, so you also get a bonus if you are not so active - as long as you can stay in the top 500.

In our loyalty shop we reward our active users with free spins and much more.

You receive 1 point for every 100 stakes, which you can then redeem here in the shop.

We also have a special referral system, here you get 1% of the turnover of each directly referred member, regardless of whether the users win or lose!

But that is not all! As you may know on Paid4, we have several ref levels, so you get the referral you referred directly from each user and you get another 0.5% and even if this user recruits new users, you get there again 0.5%!

So of course you can really earn something with advertising here!

You can read about Bitcoin Games actions here:

We give the most active members of the day a bonus.

You can see the current winners here:

You can find an overview of the games here:

Bitcoin-Games.net is just like other sites


but with Bitcoins!

Have fun and luck on Bitcoin-Games.net!

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Register now 100% free and experience our selected casino games! Only playable with Bitcoins.

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Our Games


Play our games and get extra rewards like free spins and bonus credits!

Enjoy the advantages we have for you:

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Recruiting new users is particularly worthwhile with us!

We have a 3-stage ref system, here you earn money with every game that your refs play with!


In the first level for each directly referred user you get 1% of the turnover he makes on the slots.


In the 2nd level, i.e. from the users that your directly referred ref advertises, you receive 0.5% of the turnover.


And even in the 3rd level, i.e. from the users who are recruited from the 2nd level, you also get another 0.5%!