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1. Use of Bitcoin-Games.net

a. The user can register free of charge on Bitcoin-Games.net and receive personal access to the platform. Only one registration per person is permitted. The account may only be used by the creator.

b. With the first login and simultaneous registration, the user agrees to the terms of use. Failure to comply with these can exclude the user from Bitcoin-Games.net. In this case, all claims, including credit, progress, and prices, are forfeited.

c. A valid and active email account is required for registration.
By activating the newsletter option, the user allows the operator to send irregular e-mails with information about Bitcoin-Games.net. This permission can be revoked at any time.

d. The user can choose a username, which is used as a personal pseudonym on Bitcoin-Games.net.
There is no entitlement to a specific username. The chosen username must not be offensive, indecent, immoral, or misleading (such as the use of the name "Admin") and must not infringe the rights of third parties. In addition, it must not contain any reference to a website or advertising.

2. Play on Bitcoin-Games.net

a. All results of the games on Bitcoin-Games.net will be drawn at random. There are different probabilities here. All games are logged in the database. In the event of a display error, only the appropriate database entry applies.

b. Free spins from the registration bonus or from coupons and promotions are not subject to any restrictions, all winnings can be paid out at any time, provided that all other conditions, such as minimum payout, have been complied with!

3. Withdrawal, deposit with Pay-Pal and Bitcoins:

a. What are bitcoins?

Bitcoin, English for "binary digit coin", is a decentralized payment system available worldwide and the name of a digital monetary unit. Transfers are processed by a network of computers over the Internet with the help of a special peer-to-peer application, so that no central processing point is required - as is the case with conventional banking transactions. Participants' balances are stored in personal digital wallets. The market value of bitcoins is based on supply and demand.
Bitcoin was first described in a white paper in 2008 under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto and published as open-source Bitcoin software in 2009. The Bitcoin network is based on a decentralized database managed by the participants with the help of the "Bitcoin Core" software, in which all transactions are recorded. The only condition for participation is the operation of a Bitcoin Core, alternatively, one of the online services can also be used (e.g. for mobile devices). As a result, the Bitcoin system is not subject to any geographical restrictions - apart from the availability of an Internet connection - and can be used across borders.
With the help of cryptographic techniques, it is ensured that only the owner of the bitcoins can carry out transactions and that the monetary units cannot be spent more than once. Hence, Bitcoin is also known as cryptocurrency, although the term currency usually refers to means of payment issued by states. The term crypto money is also used in German-speaking media.
Source: Wikipedia

b. Sending and receiving bitcoins - wallets

Bitcoins are paid in and out with so-called wallets. We recommend online wallets. It is free and very safe to use. Bitcoin addresses are made available to you, which ensures your anonymity even more. You can easily transfer Bitcoins from your Bitcoin-Games.net wallet to any wallet and top up your Bitcoin-Games.net account just as easily.

c. Each deposit must be wagered at least 1x before a withdrawal get approved.

4. Fraud

The exploitation of errors in the script is prohibited. Errors must be reported immediately. If errors are exploited without reporting them, the termination will result in a life-long ban. A reward is paid depending on the severity of the error.

5. Termination

A cancellation must be submitted via a support ticket. Bitcoin-Games.net can make use of house rights at any time and terminate users.

6. Availability

Bitcoin-Games.net tries to guarantee 100% availability, but cannot guarantee this. Bitcoin-Games.net can suspend or remove games, bonuses, and promotions at any time.